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WindMend File Copy is claimed to make copying easier and faster
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In my opinion, the Windows built-in tool to copy and move files and folders leaves a lot to be desired that is, perhaps, why there are so many third-party utilities aimed to help you in this process. WindMend File Copy is one of the applications claimed to make copying easier and faster.
The interface is clear and intuitive. Although it has tabs, all the basic actions are concentrated in the first one. As it supports batch-copying, you can start by creating a list of copying tasks. This can easily be done by dragging and dropping the files and folders to the program’s interface, but you can also use the more conventional Add File and Add Folder buttons. Unfortunately, this program does not integrate with the system so it cannot monitor copy-paste operations and create tasks for them. As for the next step, you can tell the program what to do when there is a file name coincidence between the source and the destination folders. After this, you should select a target folder and proceed to copy. Optionally, you can also set a buffer size.
In general, as most copy managers, WindMend File Copy lets you pause or resume the copying operation or skip selected files, which is definitely an advantage over Windows built-in copy tool. However, it did not actually speed up copying as its developers claim. Considering that the main advantage that we expect from a copy utility is precisely speed, WindMend File Copy does not have much that could convince me of substituting Tera Copy from my system. Whether you use the latter application or any other does not mind. What is important is that you had better keep on searching because it is unlikely that this program meets your expectations.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows pausing and resuming copying operations
  • It is easy to use


  • It did not really speed up the copy
  • It does not integrate with the system
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